An Interview with Poet IULIA GHERGHEI.

[“Poet of The Year 2013” on the British site Destiny Poets; Iulia Gherghei, a poet from Romania; already has two e-books to her credit. The writer of ‘POSTCARD WITH INSOMNIA’ and ‘PRISONERS OF CINEMA PARADISO’ lives in BUCHAREST.]

 Why does poetry moves you more than other forms of literature?

IULIA GHERGHEI: My relation with Poetry has many aspects. One aspect would be hereditary, my father is a poet too and my mother was a ballet dancer. So, you see, I have in my genes the crave for word and rhythm. Primarily, I am a prose reader, Poetry, in the dictatorship time when I grew up, became a form of survival, the only way to express ciphered code the frustrations, That is the social role that Poetry played for me in my teenage years. In other words, I breath in prose and exhale poetry. In time, it became an addiction, a structure throughout I perceive the universe.
  Do you think that poetry plays a central role in literature?

IULIA GHERGHEI: Yes, I do! Poetry indeed, plays a central role in literature. Statistic, most prose writers were poets first. Furthermore, Poetry hides behind any art form not only literature!
 Do you think that poetry primarily bridges the human world with the Mother Nature?

IULIA GHERGHEI: In my humble vision, poetry is the means/ tool through which we translate the messages we receive from Mother Nature, our own nature, in fact. Continue reading