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Wise Owl says, "There are no mistakes (only happy accidents)!" (Lovely altar to mistakes compliments of my sweet and creative friend Kristin Cutaia) Wise Owl says, “There are no mistakes (just happy accidents)!” (Image of a lovely “altar to mistakes” compliments of my sweet and creative neighbor, Kristin Cutaia)

Earlier this week, my friend Emma (fellow writer, mama, and – unlike me – a woman with a very chic style) shared an excerpt from an interview with Mike Patton of the band Faith No More. I am not cool enough to be an aficionado about Faith No More, but I loved the theme of the sound byte Emma shared: the value of making mistakes. Here’s a snippet:

But all the mistakes are little tiny little technical things, anyway, like, I shouldn’t have sung that that way, or, Oh, I was flat there. It’s not like, Oh, I shouldn’t have made this record. Because I feel like even if maybe I don’t like a particular record, it…

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How many times will displace?’
Translated by Pavel Partha


In 1960 for the establishment of Kaptai hydroelectric dam we placed first from our ancestral land after in 1989 displaced by army. And now newly established BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) camp is evicting us in the third round. What is our fault? And how many times we have to be evicted? ‘Said elderly Indigenous Chakma woman Ananda Bala Chakma with cry, displaced from her village for new BGB camp.
Ananda Bala Chakma is now living in the Babuchera high school with 21 displaced indigenous families far from her village. She was crying and demanding her land rights to the Bangladesh Government. I was talked with her on last Friday in the Babuchera high School, Dighinala, Khagrachari Hill District. The establishment of the 51 no headquarters of BGB camp during clashes with police in the village on 10th injured by the bullet in his right leg.

New establishment of BGB headquarter more than 21 indigenous families were evicted from
Shashi Mohan and Jatna Mohon karbari para-the two ancient Indigenous villages of Chakmas.

Santosh Kumar the Karbari (second headman) of Shashi Mohan said the same tune to be evicted from the neighborhood for the different types of development disasters from the Government like dam, army and camp. He said the Kaptai dam flooded the mountain is approximately 54 thousand acres of land. At that time, approximately one million people are displaced. During the nineties, due to the unstable political situation they were bound to escape from their villages as a refugee to India. 8 to 9 years back after seeing most of the land and homes were occupied by army camp. In the name of withdrawal of temporary army camp from the CHT areas under the CHT accord 1997, the government started to withdrawal the Babuchera camp. But they are establishing a new headquarters for BGB in the same place and occupied 45 acres of Indigenous peoples land.

In the 10th June another aged Chakma woman injured by the BGB and police force named Gopa Chakma said, “The government repeatedly evicted us. Do not allow ourselves to live in our village. They are also harassing us with unnecessary litigation. “ Continue reading